{About Me}


Photography –  a story, one of great responsibility; with importance to both myself and those in the story.

          {Sup} Hey Guys! If you haven’t figured it out yet, my name is Mindy Day, a continuously self-taught photographer. I am not here to feed you a bunch of mumbo-jumbo stuff about why I am who I am. It’s best we just cut to the chase and see if I am a good fit to be your photographer. We are all busy bee’s and you’re here to find out about my work, right? So, let’s jump in!!!  

          {Are we right for each other} I often say I specialize in children, mainly toddlers… So right there, you KNOW I have patience! Without question I am a big kid at heart, I’m ok with making fart noises or telling secrets about the special lady bugs in the tree’s. Don’t let my age of 33 fool you into thinking I am old, I assure you I might grunt or groan when getting up off the ground, or even just getting of the sofa at home BUT I am a different person when behind my lens. I’m not the photographer for everyone, most definitely not! Could I be the one for you though?? Let’s see… The best way to know If I am the photographer for you, is are you the client for me?? After all this a relationship, I get invited into the most important parts of your lives. A wrong client for me – Are you mean? Do you smell funny? Are you going to call me 40 times a day, asking about pictures when we only just took them 2 days ago? If you can say NO to these few things, we should be alright.

{Oh BTW}
My work obviously goes beyond toddlers – omgosh! I would be a crazy person by now if all I did was chase kids around all day. Thankfully, I have has the pleasure of shooting adults in love, teens reluctant to get pictures done and babies who poop while in the middle of the perfect shot! If you need me to be your photographer or even just give you a few minutes of peace from the kiddos, I can do that!  

          {Where I prefer to snap} The outdoors is my playground; deep in the water, through the mud or snow for the prefect point of view, bent under a thorn bush or even hiding behind a barn to snap a surprise! I do love the odd indoor session, but I am all about the natural light, SO if you live in a dungeon, it’s not likely to work out. Photography is not my job, if it were, frankly, I’d charge more. I have a family, so what I do charge, is simply for my time away from them.

        {My commitment to you; my vow} I am a mother, wife and pet owner first. If you have any of these wonderful things in your life, then you understand. With this said, I do give my word that I will do all I can to make sure you, the client are happy. In the 12 years I have been doing this, I can honesty say only a handful of clients have not come back for more and I’ve got pretty small hands – just saying.

       {Not to sound cheesy, but…} Thanks guys, for being in my corner and for following me throughout the years, I really appreciate it.
To the possibly new clients reading this, I’m super cool – I promise your kids won’t hate every second of the shoot. If they do we’ll threaten to take more photos!

My wonderful children, cooperating for me…