Playing With Available Light


Recently, I became inspired by an amazing Photographer – Kayla Maltese, she is by far my favorite lifestyle photographer out there! After seeing her work, I was curious how she did it!!! How she captured so much emotion, not just with her subjects but with the lighting. When I asked her if she had any tips on available lighting she shared this article with me –…/
Once I finished reading this, I was determined to work with my ISO and see what I could create.

The photo above is our cat Lilly, she is sitting on the kitchen floor, under a bar stool. The lighting is provided by our stove range-hood, nothing else. I shot this with a 50mm prime, f./stop 1.8, ISO 6400. Editing was Moody B&W action + watermark; no further editing. Not wanting to compromise the point of this shot – to see what I could get with only available light. Besides the obvious composition mistake, I am otherwise happy with the results. It is very sharp for being in such low light circumstances and not nearly as “noisy” as I thought it would be @ 6400 ISO.


Another photo playing with the same rules; high ISO and only available light. Something Kayla talks about is the direction, to wait for your subject to look in the direction of the light. Though this may take some waiting and possible guidance, our dog Charlie seemed to nail it! She just happened to look directly up towards the light fixture while I was trying to snap a photo of her. This room is not very well lit at night, the warm light bulb covered by a fogged glass plate, really is not the best set up for taking pictures. However, here it really looks as though I had an external flash but since starting back up with photography, I have actually yet to purchase another one. So this to me is very cool!! This excites me to a degree that most would think is crazy. But it’s so interesting to learn new things, and actually put them to use.
I shot this with a 50mm prime, f./stop 1.8, ISO 6400. Besides toning down a bit of yellow, this is almost SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) and is sharp as a tack! 


Last but not least, in fact this might be my favorite! This is our cat Murray, the Boss! This one was a much easier shot to capture, mainly because of the natural afternoon window light. This was again shot with the 50mm lens,  f./stop 1.8 ISO of 3200 and shutter speed 1/800
Very light editing, color correction and watermark.

Check out Kayla’s work, it’s sure to inspire you!!    

Here are a few more that I took during the day – I’m happy the cats don’t mind… lol



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